It’s dragon week!!!

Today our anthology, “Dragons of a Different Tail: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales,” was released in ebook format. Click this link to find it at your favorite online store –

In the next couple of weeks, the paperback version will also be available. So watch for that to pop up on Amazon or Barnes & Noble if print is more your jam.

I am very proud of the great stories in this anthology and want to thank all of the authors for taking a chance on my slightly unusual project.

“Eighteen award-winning, veteran, and emerging authors bring you seventeen unique dragon tales that defy tradition. Winged serpents as large as continents, as well as those tiny enough to perch on the fingertip of a young girl. Dragons who inhabit the Wild West, Victorian London, Brooklyn, and a post-apocalyptic Earth. Scaly beasts who fight in the boxing ring, celebrate Christmas, and conquer the vast void of outer space. There are rockstars who meddle with dragon magic, clever and conniving shapeshifters, and powerfully exotic hybrids. Science fiction, urban fantasy, mystery, western, epic fantasy, YA fantasy…no matter the setting or the genre—here be dragons!”

Cover Reveal! Dragons of a Different Tail

Awesome cover by the talented Shayne Leighton.

Cover reveal time!!! This amazing cover was created by Shayne Leighton ( for our dragon anthology.

“Dragon of a Different Tail: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales” will be out November 29th!

You can preorder the book at –

GenreTainment #100 – 100th Episode with Special Guests

Rock Paper Dead Poster

It is time for our 100th episode of GenreTainment!!! It’s a special episode as a few of our past guests return for this episode. One of which is our very first guest ever, Emmy winning writer Victor Miller, who is probably best known for writing  Friday the 13th. We are also joined by filmmaker and International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) chairman Jeff Burns. You might remember him from our recent game show episode or the earlier episode where we interviewed him and the cast of Super Knocked Up. And to round out the group of guests we have SFP-Now’s host Ian Cullen joining us.

We learn what projects they have been working recently, discuss our favorite TV shows currently on the air, share writing tips, and so much more.

GenreTainment is where we talk about what is happening in the world of film, TV and web series.  We give you interviews with writers, directors, producers and actors in both independent and not-so-independent creations.