Guest on…ConTinual Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise & Discovery

Had a great time being on another ConTinual panel! “Star Trek Enterprise & Discovery have brought us stories from the pre-Federation and early days of the Federation, plus a leap into the future. Join Kristin Jackson, Robyn McGlotten, Elizabeth Noble, Joshua Palmatier, Marx Pyle, Jay Requard, and host James P. Nettles as they share the good, the bad, and the hopeful for the franchise!”

Guest on… Comics Lair: Beyond the Big Two

Had a fun time on this ConTinual panel talking about the many other great comic books out there that aren’t Marvel or DC.

Marvel and DC have brought some of the most iconic characters to the page and screen, but they aren’t the only ones. Are you looking for ways to branch out in your comics reading? Join host Nancy Northcott and panelists John L. French, Emily Lavin Leverett, and Marx Pyle for a chat about Comics Beyond the Big Two.

Guest on… The Panel Room 70: Story Bibles Part 1

Had a great time being a panelist on this installment of ConTinual’s The Panel Room!

The Panel Room 70 is a great discussion on why you need a story bible, how to create one, and maintain it! Find out how each of these authors handle managing all the moving pieces in their series with Larry N. Martin, Elizabeth Noble, Nancy Northcott, Marx Pyle, Michael G. Williams and host Jeanne Adams!

Guest on… ConTinual: The Comics Lair – Superman & Lois and Supergirl

Had a great time being a guest on The Comics Lair! “Marx Pyle (, Marisa Wolf (, and host Nancy Northcott ( talk about the denizens of Krypton and the CW shows Superman & Lois, Supergirl, influences from the comics, and even some of the other screen versions of the superheroes.”

Guest On… ConTinual – Hot off the Press

I had the honor of joining a group of super-talented authors on Hot off the Press this week! We talk about our new releases, including my new urban fantasy series on Kindle Vella, Obsidian Monsters.

“…science fiction, fantasy, horror, and romance releases from Nancy Dunne (, L.E. Modesitt Jr (, Marx Pyle (, David R. Slayton (, Janet Walden-West (, L. Marie Wood (, and host James P. Nettles (”