Interviewed…”Creating a Unique Take on Dragons: Meet Marx Pyle”

A big thanks to author Lynn Slaughter for interviewing me on her blog! I chat all about Dragons of a Different Tail and Obsidian Monsters.

Can you talk a bit about your background as a writer?

I’ve always wanted to write, and as a kid I dreamed of writing my own comic books. No comic books yet, but I have written films and web series. I graduated from film school over ten years ago, so most of my writing had been with scripts. I’ve also done nearly every job there is in film (script writer, director, producer, fight choreographer, boom operator, director of photography…), and those have been amazing creative experiences. However, I’ve always wanted to write novels, and the MFA program helped me develop my fiction writing skills.

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Interview… “Author Interview with Marx Pyle on his Kindle Vella Obsidian Monsters, and Upcoming Anthology Dragons of a Different Tail”

This was a fun interview I recently did. I chatted with author J.J. Gonzalez about Obsidian Monsters and the upcoming anthology, Dragons of a Different Tail: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales.

Marx Pyle is one busy author! While he has his exciting urban fantasy, Obsidian Monsters, on Kindle Vella going, he also is releasing a new anthology Dragons of a Different Tail17 Unusual Dragon Tales, where he is working with numerous authors to bring readers unique dragon stories in every scenario!

GenreTainment #110 – Writer Garrett Robinson

Nightblade cover

This is episode #110 of GenreTainment and and we are chatting with indie author, YouTuber and filmmaker Garrett Robinson.

After publishing his first work in December of 2012, Robinson has published 9 science fiction & fantasy books (Nightblade, Midrealm, Touch, etc) with many more in development. We discuss how he got started with filmmaking which evolved into writing books. We also learn how he approaches writing and he shares a number of tips for other indie creators.

We learn about his new Legendary line of books he is writing with Sterling & Stone and much more. Oh, and we go on a slight but hopefully interesting tangent about Marvel’s Netflix series Jessica Jonesand the lack of females roles in fantasy.

GenreTainment is where Marx & Julie talk about what is happening in the world of film, TV and web series.  We give you interviews with writers, directors, producers and actors in both independent and not-so-independent creations.