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Television on the Wild Wild Web: And How to Blaze Your Own Trail


14-0724 Television on the Wild Web

There is a revolution happening in entertainment and it is all the Internet’s fault. It’s a revolution that is changing the rules for television and filmmaking and the major studios are scrambling to figure out their place in this new world. Independent filmmakers have discovered that web television is a fantastic way to break into the industry creating many opportunities. But as with everything new, this vast ocean called web television can be hard to navigate. This book gives you a comprehensive map to web television and walks you through the crucial steps on how to fund, film, market, and distribute your web series opus.

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“An amazing resource for aspiring and veteran web creators. I wish this book existed when I started making web series! From concept to distribution and monetization, this book covers it all.” — Jeff Burns, creator of Super Knocked Up & Super Geeked Up, member of the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Web Television

*“Pyle has not only given us an invaluable insight into the birth of the web series as a growing industry, but has also created a toolkit for building and launching a successful project. It is a battle-tested field manual for anyone looking to start their own show.” — Ben Bays, executive producer of the series Aidan 5

“If the web series is the Wild West, then this book is the guideposts left behind by the pioneers that went before you. With great detail, it covers how to create and market a web series, but more importantly, ‘why’ and if this is the right format for you. Before you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your project, take the time to set yourself up for success.” — Tim Keaty, host of Surfing Aliens

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A second edition is in the works for 2022!

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