Short story in upcoming anthology!

Cover Reveal! I am very proud to have a short story in this amazing anthology, LIKE SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN. It is packed with short stories, poems, and essays. Proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Please consider pre-ordering a copy. You can find more information at:

GenreTainment #94 – Featuring Writer / Director Christopher Leone

Parallels Poster

For the 94th episode of GenreTainment we are chatting with Christopher Leone, the writer & director of the new science fiction adventure film Parallels. He tells us all about this parallel Earth hopping movie and we also discuss his past work, like the scifi mystery mini-series The Lost Room.

GenreTainment is where we talk about what is happening in the world of film, TV and web series.  We give you interviews with writers, directors, producers and actors in both independent and not-so-independent creations.


PARALLELS trailer from Christopher Leone on Vimeo.