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Since 2008 Marx has guest hosted or co-hosted on different online radio shows. In 2012, he finally decided to produce and co-host his own show, GenreTainment. The show started with live episodes on BlogTalkRadio and later moved to pre-recorded episodes.

GenreTainment is where Julie and Marx talk about what is happening in the world of film, TV and web series.  They give you interviews with writers, directors, producers and actors in both independent and not-so-independent creations. Look below to find an episode:

GenreTainment & SFP-NOW Special – Best TV, Films, and Books of 2022 GenreTainment

  1. GenreTainment & SFP-NOW Special – Best TV, Films, and Books of 2022
  2. GenreTainment & SFP-NOW Special – Best TV and Films of 2021
  3. G139 – Director Dan Attias
  4. G138 – Authors Heidi Ruby Miller and Jason Jack Miller
  5. G137 – Game Designing and Comic Book Writing with Crystal Frasier

GenreTainment #140 – GenreTainment & SFP-NOW Special – Best TV and Films of 2021

GenreTainment #139 – Director Dan Attias

GenreTainment #138 – Authors Heidi Ruby Miller and Jason Jack Miller

GenreTainment #137 – Game Designing and Comic Book Writing with Crystal Frasier

GenreTainment #136 – Three Story Method, Story Rubric, and Co-Writing with Author J. Thorn

GenreTainment #135 – Selling Your Story with Director and Producer Heather Hale

GenreTainment #134 – Positively Pop Culture with Authors K.W. Taylor and Carrie Gessner

GenreTainment #133 – Geeky Improv with Jeff Burns and Francis Fernandez

GenreTainment #132 – Author and Mythologist Pamela Jaye Smith

GenreTainement #131 – Fiction and Nonfiction Author Michael La Ronn

The Best & Worst TV & Movies of 2020 – GenreTainment & SFP-NOW

GenreTainment #129 – Script Consultants Linda Seger and John Rainey

GenreTainment #128 – Star Trek Picard review

GenreTainment #127 – Showrunner and Producer Adi Shankar

GenreTainment #126 – Writer Kate Hackett

GentreTainment #125 – Writer Jeffery H. Haskell

GenreTainment #124 – Film Producers Jeffrey Michael Bays and Jay Plyburn

GenreTainment #123 – Writer Scott King

GenreTainment #122 – Stargate Origins with Director Mercedes Bryce Morgan

GenreTainment #121 – Script Consultant and Author Kathie Fong Yoneda

GenreTainment #120 – Featuring Stareable Founder Ajay Kishore

This time we’re chatting with the founder of Stareable, Ajay Kishore. Stareable is a website that seeks to even the playing field so TV shows are considered on their merits, not their marketing budget. So if you are a web series/indie TV series creator or just someone looking for new TV shows to watch, then you’ll want to check out this episode. We talk about the origin and goals of Stareable, how it works, how you can submit your show, a few of Ajay’s favorite new shows, and more.

GenreTainment #119 – Featuring Writer Justin Sloan

Marx goes solo for episode 119,  chatting with video game writer (Game of Thrones, Minecraft: Story Mode), novelist (Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon, Falls of Redemption), screenwriter (Wrecked, My Husband’s Preggo), and podcast host Justin Sloan. They talk about Justin’s fiction books, his non-fiction (Creative Writing Career), writing for video games, how being a veteran has affected his writing, and so much more.

GenreTainment #118 – Featuring ITVFest Special

Marx recently went to ITVFest, the Independent Television and Film Festival, where he did one of four presentations in the IAWTV Producer Prep panel track. The presentations went really well and Marx enjoyed the festival.At the festival Marx snagged 10 mini-interviews with creators of web series, indie TV pilots, and short films.

GenreTainment #117 – Featuring Writer Chris Fox

It’s time for episode 117 and we are chatting with writer Chris Fox! When you have non-fiction books with titles like 5,000 Word Per Hour and Write To Market, plus fiction books that have a mix of werewolves, zombies, and aliens you are going to get people’s attention. And don’t forget his very publicly documented challenge to himself to write & edit a full length novel in 21 days. Not only did he do it, but it has sold extremely well!

GenreTainment #116 – Featuring Ben Edlund, creator of The Tick

We are chatting with writer and producer Ben Edlund (Supernatural, Angel, Firefly, Gotham, Revolution), the creator of The Tick TV show and comic book series. The Tick is always one of those shows that often makes the list of TV shows that ended to soon. So it is very awesome to see Amazon giving Ben Edlund a second chance at a live-action series version of The Tick. We spoke with Ben about his plans for the show, how it will differ from the first incarnation, and so much more.

GenreTainment #115 – Featuring Writer Michael La Ronn

We are talking with writer and YouTuber Michael La Ronn. Michael La Ronn writes what he calls fearless science fiction & fantasy. His writing is filled with strange worlds and quirky humor featuring unusual, nontraditional heroes such as teddy bears, vegetables, and androids (but not all in the same book). Michael also writes nonfiction for authors who are stuck in the awkward phase between beginner and bestseller. He hosts the growing YouTube channel, Author Level Up, which publishes writing craft, business and marketing videos for authors every week.

GenreTainment #114 – Featuring Writer and Game Designer Sean Patrick Fannon

We are chatting with writer & game designer Sean Patrick Fannon. Fannon has been writing for tabletop roleplaying games since 1988. Working on such classic games as the very first Star Wars RPG (from West End Games), the superhero RPG Champions and much more. He is the author of a favorite book of mine, The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer’s Bible. He has also worked for years with computer games too.

But the main topic we have him on to discuss is the upcoming roleplaying game Savage Rifts. Taking the classic Rifts game and transforming it with the popular Savage Worlds rules system..

GenreTainment #113 – Featuring Acting Teacher and Filmmaker DW Brown

This time we are chatting with acting teacher, filmmaker, and author DW Brown. Brown has trained actors, writers, and directors for the past 20 years at The Joanne Baron/DW Brown Studio in LA. Working with such talents as Robin Wright, Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde, Keanu Reeves, and more. We talk to him about his newest book You Can Act On Camera: Insider Tips for Delivering A Great Performance Every Time. We also compare different acting methods, discuss being vulnerable for acting, being fully in the moment, the concept of ego depletion, how the concept of H.A.L.T. applies to acting, what “leave room for the scissors” mean, and much more.

GenreTainment #112 – Featuring Actor and Motion Capture Artist Greg LaSalle

It’s episode 112 and we are chatting with actor and motion capture artist Greg LaSalle. You might have seen him in recent movie Deadpool where he is the face of Colossus. We learn all sorts of cool things about motion capture technology from this veteran of facial motion capture performance whose work has appeared in movies like Marvel’s The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gravity, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And we take a behind-the-scenes look at how the character of Colossus was created for Fox’s Deadpool and how Greg was chosen to become Colossus.

GenreTainment #111 – The X-Files FAQ with writer John Kenneth Muir

We are joined by writer and critic John Kenneth Muir. John is is an award-winning author of over 27 books in the fields of film & television, with a focus on horror & science fiction. John is also the creator of the award-nominated web series, The House Between, and his blog, Reflections on Film/TV was named one of the “top 100” film study blogs on the Net. We are talking about his book The X-Files FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About Global Conspiracy, Aliens, Lazarus Species, and Monsters of the Week and the return of the X-Files to television. It is a fun walk down memory lane about the show and it’s spin-offs.

GenreTainment #110 – Featuring Writer and Filmmaker Garrett Robinson

Our guest this time is indie author, YouTuber and filmmaker Garrett Robinson. After publishing his first work in December of 2012, Robinson has published 9 science fiction & fantasy books (Nightblade, Midrealm,  Touch, etc) with many more in development. We discuss how he got started with filmmaking which evolved into writing books. We also learn how he approaches writing and he shares a number of tips for other indie creators. We learn about his new Legendary line of books he is writing with Sterling & Stone and much more. Oh, and we go on a slight but hopefully interesting tangent about Marvel’s Netflix series Jessica Jonesand the lack of females roles in fantasy.

GenreTainment #109 – Featuring Writer and Martial Artist Alan Baxter

This time we are chatting with dark fantasy, horror and sci-fi writer Alan Baxter. Baxter is an international master of kung fu who writes novels, novellas and short stories full of magic, monsters and yes, martial arts. Baxter tells us about his infamous first story he wrote when he was 7-years old, his non-fiction book Write The Fight Right, his Alex Caine martial arts/fantasy series, his fantasy novels, his many horror/fantasy/sci-fi short stories, and his martial arts background.

GenreTainment #108 – Featuring Horror Writer Jeffrey Thomas

It’s episode 108 and we go a little dark and scary with prolific horror/scifi author Jeffrey Thomas. Thomas was a finalist for both the Bram Stoker Award and the John W. Campbell Award. We discuss how he became an author and what draws him to the genres of horror, science fiction, and Lovecraftian fiction. We also talk about the origins of his Punktown setting, the Kickstarter for a Punktown comic book anthology, the Punktown roleplaying game, tips for writing, and much more.

GenreTainment #107 – Cast of Haven and Filmmaker Arthur Vincie

We have two great interviews for you this time. First up, we spoke with two of the stars of SyFy Channel’s TV series Haven. Emily Rose (Audrey Parker) and Adam Copeland (Dwight Hendrickson) discuss their experiences acting on this sci-fi series and some favorite moments of the final season. hen we have an interview with Writer/Director Arthur Vincie about his scifi film Found In Time. We learn more about how the film was made and get some great tips for filmmakers.

GenreTainment #106 – Featuring Writer Monica Leonelle

It’s episode 106 and we are chatting with writer Monica Leonelle. She is a successful indie author of fiction and non-fiction. She wrote the excellent book Write Better, Faster and has many new books that just hit Amazon and many more coming out soon. If you are a writer, then you don’t want to miss this episode.

GenreTainment #105 – Featuring Writer and Filmmaker Christopher Kentworthy

For this 105th episode we are chatting with Christopher Kentworthy, the author of the bestselling Master Shots series of books. We’ll talk to him about writing and filmmaking, and learn more about his Master Shots books (Volume 1: 100 Advanced Camera Techniques, Volume 2: Shooting Great Dialogue Scenes, Volume 3: The Director’s Vision) and his newest book Shoot Like Tarantino. We discuss how he first became involved in writing and filmmaking, talk about his fiction writing, discuss what TV shows & movies he thinks are doing their cinematography the best, and he shares tips for writers & directors.

GenreTainment #104 – Featuring Writer Christy Marx

For this 104th episode we are chatting with game, animation and comic book writer Christy Marx. Christy was one of our first guests on the show back when we started GenreTainment and we are thrilled to have her back. She has written for classic animation series like GI Joe, Spider-Man and the His Amazing Friends & Jem and the Holograms, also written for comic books like Birds of Prey & Amethyst: Sword Of Sorcery, and has written for a number of video games and TV shows. She is also the author of the book Writing for Animation, Comics and Games.

GenreTainment #103 – Featuring Filmmaker Daryn Murphy and Actor Matt Lunsford

For this 103rd episode we are chatting with Writer/ Director Daryn Murphy, creator of the time travel series Time Keeper, and actor Matt Lunsford who stars as Mitch Manners on Time Keeper. We learn more about this fun time travel web series, the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for season 3, and get tips about crowdfunding & acting.

GenreTainment #102 – Gen Con 2015 Special Part 2

It’s part 2 of our special at Gen Con, the longest running gaming convention in the world. Even though its focus is on gaming, there is much more than just that. We start off the interviews with many authors & illustrators in Authors Alley and wrap up the interviews at Gen Con Film Festival with the producers of the fantasy film The Rangers: A Shadow Rising.

GenreTainment #101 – Gen Con 2015 Special Part 1

For this 101st episode of GenreTainment we have a number of interviews from Gen Con, the longest running gaming convention in the world. Even though its focus is on gaming, there is much more than just that. We start off the interviews with the Gen Con Film Festival and then interview many authors & illustrators in Authors Alley.

GenreTainment #100 – 100th Episode with Special Guests

It is time for our 100th episode of GenreTainment!!! It’s a special episode as a few of our past guests return for this episode. One of which is our very first guest ever, Emmy winning writer Victor Miller, who is probably best known for writing Friday the 13th. We are also joined by filmmaker and International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) chairman Jeff Burns. You might remember him from our recent game show episode or the earlier episode where we interviewed him and the cast of Super Knocked Up. And to round out the group of guests we have SFP-Now’s host Ian Cullen joining us.

GenreTainment #99 – Featuring Filmmaker & Conlang Professional Britton Watkins

For this episode of GenreTainment we are chatting with filmmaker and conlang professional Britton Watkins. Britton tells us how he became involved with conlang (which stands for constructed languages) which lead him to learning fictional alien languages like Na’vi, Vulcan, Klingon, and creating his own languages for his science fiction film Senn. He also tells us how those skills landed him a job on Star Trek Into Darkness and we learn about his upcoming feature documentary on conlang, called Conlanging.

GenreTainment #98 – Featuring Writer Shawn Coyne

For this 98th episode we are chatting with editor/publisher/literary agent/writer Shawn Coyne. Shawn tells us about his career in publishing and talks in-depth about his new information packed non-fiction book “The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know.” The book explains a method that Shawn has used for over 300 books in his career. So get ready to learn all about genre and how to write & edit your own story.

GenreTainment #97 – Game Show Episode With The Hosts of Super Geeked Up

We are back with a special game show edition episode for our 97th episode! We have the hosts of Super Geeked Up joining us for this quiz filled episode of GenreTainment. Jeff Burns, Tonya Dodds, and Nicole Wright tell us what lead them to hosting their web series show where they talk geeky news, interview guests from the web series world, and play geeky games. We learn more about them, then play the GenreTainment game show which leads to many laughs and perhaps a few tears.

GenreTainment #96 – Featuring Writer Dean Wesley Smith

For this edutainment filled episode of GenreTainment, we are speaking with writer Dean Wesley Smith. He is a USA Today bestselling author with over 100 novels and hundreds of short stories published. He discusses his book series with us, writing for media tie-in books like Star Trek, and gives some excellent writing tips from his book Writing Into The Dark.

GenreTainment #95 – Featuring Writer / Actress Britain Valenti

For the 95th episode of GenreTainment we are speaking with filmmaker and actress Britain Valenti. She is the showrunner of the scifi series INTERROGATION a dystopian science fiction series set in 2098. The series stands out in part because it stars women and has cast members who are disabled actors portraying disabled characters. We learn more about the show and Valenti shares tips for web series creators.

GenreTainment #94 – Featuring Writer / Director Christopher Leone

We chat with Christopher Leone, the writer & director of the new science fiction adventure film Parallels. He tells us all about this parallel Earth hopping movie and we also discuss his past work, like the scifi mystery mini-series The Lost Room.

GenreTainment #93 – Featuring Actor Michael Laskin

For this 93rd episode we are speaking with professional actor Michael Laskin. For 35 years he has been working in film, television, theatre, and voice-overs. He is also an acting teacher and the author of the new book “The Authentic Actor: The Art and Business of Being Yourself.” He shares decades of acting wisdom and gives some great advice & tips for anyone wanting to be an actor.

GenreTainment #92 – Featuring Writer / Producer Gabe Michael

We are speaking with writer/producer/director Gabe Michael the co-founder of Forge Apollo. We talk to him about Forge Apollo’s new science fiction thriller series Ambient, award winning science series Technium, and Football talk show Blitzed. Plus some upcoming projects, like Cubicle Zombies.  Michael also gives great tips for web series creators. Oh, and we also talk about goats and judgmental smart cars…

GenreTainment #91 – Featuring DC Web Fest Founder Otessa Ghadar

Marx & Julie chat with Otessa Marie Ghadar creator of the web series Orange Juice in Bishops Garden, founder of DC Web Series Festival, and president of the new media company 20/20 Productions. Ghadar tells us why and how she founded the first web series & digital media festival in the Washington DC area. We learn how she created her own web series, the challenges she faced filming seven seasons of that show, and the recognition it has gained from the LGBT community.

GenreTainment #90 – Featuring Writer Tim Waggoner

Marx & Julie speak with prolific author and writing professor Tim Waggoner. He has published numerous novels, three short story collections, and has over one hundred published stories in the Fantasy, Horror, and Thriller genres. We discuss his Nekroplis books, Shadow Watch books, Ghost Trackers books, and his media tie-in books for shows like Supernatural, Stargate SG-1 and more. Waggoner also tells us about his newest Shadow Watch book, Dream Stalkers. And he shares excellent writing advice.

GenreTainment #89 – Featuring Writers Javier Palenzuela & Ed Shannon

Marx & Julie chat with web series creators and game designers Javier Palenzuela & Ed Shannon. They discuss their web series Game Knights and their Kickstarter for the parody roleplaying game Beasties & Bygones. These comedians & filmmakers talk about how they created a half live-action and half animated web series about gamers and the journey to make their fictional roleplaying game into a reality.

GenreTainment #88 – Featuring Writer Joanna Penn

For this episode of GenreTainment Marx & Julie are speaking with New York Times and USA Today bestselling supernatural/thriller author Joanna Penn (also known as J.F. Penn). We discuss Penn’s life change from IT consultant to full-time award winning self-published author and public speaker. We learn about her supernatural thriller series ARKANE and her London Psychic series. We also talk about her non-fiction books for writers and she gives us solid tips for becoming a writer.

GenreTainment #87 – Featuring Writer Rachel Caine and Director Blake Calhoun

We are speaking with New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Rachel Caine and award winning web series creator veteran Blake Calhoun about their new vampire web series, Morganville. Which is based on the bestselling young adult urban fantasy book series, The Morganville Vampires. We discuss the challenges of adapting a book into a web series, the challenges of casting, funny stories on set, tips for authors & web series creators, and much more.

GenreTainment #86 – Featuring Writer Pamela Douglas

For this episode we are speaking with award winning writer Pamela Douglas (Writing the TV Drama Series) about her new book The Future of Television: Your Guide to Creating TV in the New World. We discuss the changes happening in television, the growth in original series from unexpected places like Netflix & DirectTV, tips for writers in television and so much more.

GenreTainment #85 – Featuring Writer / Producer Jamin Winans

For this episode we are speaking with filmmaker Jamin Winans (Ink, 11:59) about his new sci-fi film The Frame. We talk about his films, how he got started as a writer & producer, tips for filmmakers, and… fanny packs… you’ll just have to listen to figure out what that is about.

GenreTainment #84 – Featuring Web Series Creators Adam Rady & James Rodehaver

This time we are chatting with director/actor Adam Rady and writer/producer James Rodehaver. They are the creators of the fantasy comedy web series, Walking in Circles, which currently has two season online. We talk in-depth about the show, get some tips for web series creators, hear some funny stories from set, and more.

GenreTainment #83 – Featuring Producer Jason Fischer

This time we chat with Jason Fischer, executive producer and COO of Frostbite Pictures. A company that has brought us such high quality web series as Divine, After, and has many more in development. Fischer is also production coordinator for one of our favorite show’s, CW’s Supernatural.

GenreTainment #82 – Featuring Writer Laurie Scheer and Miami Web Fest

For this episode we chat with writer Laurie Scheer about her new book, “The Writer’s Advantage: A Tookit for Mastering Your Genre.” We talk about the study of Genre, which is fitting for a show called Genre-Tainment and learn tips for writers.  We also have bonus interviews with web series creators from around the world at Miami Web Fest.

GenreTainment #81 – Featuring Writer Mur Lafferty

For this episode we chat with award winning author & podcaster Mur Lafferty. She has been podcasting since 2004. Her podcast I Should Be Writing gives interviews and tips for writers. We talk to her about how she got started in podcasting and writing. She gives some great tips for writers, we cover her work on the podcasts Escape Pod & Pseudopod, and much more.

GenreTainment #80 – Featuring Viral Video Creator Richard Dunn and Boston Comic Con

This week we are going viral… viral video that is, when we chat with Richard Dunn, a.k.a. the Lonely Airport Guy, about his viral video “All by Myself” which he recorded while stranded overnight at an airport. The video has over 20 million hits online and now he has a book out called, How I Shot the YouTube Megahit All by Myself on My Iphone and Why Im not Lonely Anymore. We have a great time chatting with Richard about how he made this video and the exciting things that happened afterwords.  We also have part 2 of bonus audio from Boston Comic Con after the featured interview.

GenreTainment #79 – Featuring Writer Sarah Beach and Boston Comic Con

For this episode of GenreTainment we chat with author Sarah Beach about her new book, Creating Graphic Novels: Adapting and Marketing Stories for a Multi Million Dollar Industry. She tells us about the book, why she wrote it, gives us tips, and we even talk a little about Jeopardy of all things… you’ll have to listen to find out why.  We also have some bonus audio from Boston Comic Con.

GenreTainment #78 – Featuring Actor & Web Series Creator Jonathan Robbins

We speak with actor and web series creator Johnathan Robbins about his various projects including Cluth, Asset, Out With Dad, and more. He gives tips on acting and web series creating. We also discuss unique advantages and disadvantages in filmmaking in Canada.

GenreTainment #77 – Featuring Filmmaker Huan Vu

or this episode of GenreTainment we chat with German filmmaker Huan Vu about his upcoming film The Dreamlands, which takes place in the infamous Dreamlands setting first created by classic horror author H.P. Lovecraft. We learn about his Indiegogo campaign and about his past film projects, which include a film adaptation of The Colour Out of Space (Die Farbe) and a Warhammer fan film, which faced some… challenges.

GenreTainment #76 – Featuring NY Times Bestselling Author Simon R. Green

For this installment of GenreTainment, we chat with NY Times Bestselling science fiction & fantasy author Simon R. Green. We learn how he started writing some of our favorite book series, like the Deathstalker series, Secret History series, Forest Kingdom series, the Nightside series, the Ghostfinders series and more. He also gives writing tips, tells us what he has coming up, also fills us in on his new movie (Judas Ghost), and gives us some fun stories about his life as a writer.

GenreTainment #75 – Featuring Director and Producer Ron Newcomb

For this episode we chat with producer & director Ron Newcomb about his upcoming film The Rangers, his previous film Rise of the Fellowship, the film contest turned web series Genre Wars, and more.

GenreTainment #74 – Featuring Cast and Crew of Drifter: Lonesome Highway

We chat with the cast & crew of the post-apocalyptic westernweb series Drifter: Broken Road and the upcoming second season Drifter: Lonesome Highway. We speak to writer and producers Jason Brasier & Brittney Greer. They are joined by actors Rodney Wiseman who stars as Moses and Vanessa Leinani who stars as the Drifter.

GenreTainment #73 – Featuring SyFy’s Helix and Author Hans Cummings

This time GenreTainment has two interviews back-to-back. First we chat with actress Kyra Zagorsky and executive producer Steve Maeda from SyFy Channel’s new series Helix. Then we have an interview with fantasy and sci-fi author Hans Cummings.

GenreTainment #72 – Featuring Knights of the Dinner Table

We chat with the creative team that plans to bring the long running Knights of the Dinner Table magazine into the world of live action with a web series or possibly a full length movie. We learn more about their Kickstarter campaign, their plans to bring to life these popular illustrated characters, and much more.

GenreTainment #71 – Featuring Author Erin M. Evans

For this episode of GenreTainment we are chatting with author Erin M. Evans. She is best known for writing novels set in the Forgotten Realms world, which is both enjoyed by fans as novels and as a Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game setting. Her fourth novel set in this fantasy world is called The Adversary and is one of six books in The Sundering series, which promises to make big changes in the world of Faerun.

GenreTainment #70 – Featuring Writer Paul Chitlik

We speak to author, television & film writer, producer, and director Paul Chitlik. We learn how he broke into scriptwriting, his work on The New Twilight Zone and other TV projects, his newest film projects, why he was nominated for a GLAAD award, and we talk about the 2nd edition of his book Rewrite: A Step-by-Step Guide to Strengthen Structure, Characters, and Drama in your Screenplay.

GenreTainment #69 – Featuring Fate RPG and Actor John Noble

For this packed episode of GenreTainment we have two interview. First up are Leonard Balsera, the lead system developer for Fate and the Dresden Files RPG, and Mike Olson, lead author on the Atomic Robo RPG. Then we chat with actor John Noble, who you probably remember as the mad genius Walter Bishop on the television series Fringe. Noble hints at his new character who will be recurring on one of our new favorite shows, Sleepy Hollow.

GenreTainment #68 – Halloween Special

it’s our GenreTainment Halloween special, with special guests: award winning scriptwriter Victor Miller (Friday the 13th), author & web series creator John Kenneth Muir (Horror Movies of the 1980s, The House Between) and author/gamer designer Monica Valentinelli (“The Dig” for the Lovecraft Zine, Firefly RPG).  Plus, Lovecraft inspired music track from the band Blood Tribe.

GenreTainment #67 – Featuring Director John Badham

For this episode of GenreTainment we are chatting with director John Badham. He has worked on over 30 films and 45 TV episodes.  He is probably best known for directing classic films like WarGames, Short Circuit, and Saturday Night Fever. But he has also authored the books John Badham On Directing and I’ll Be In My Trailer: The Creative Wars Between Directors & Actors.

GenreTainment #66 – Featuring Authors/Gamer Designers Margaret Weis and Monica Valentinelli

We are chatting with New York Times Best-selling fantasy author and game designer Margaret Weis who brought us the fantastic worlds of Dragonlance, The Death Gate Cycle, Star of the Guardians, and many more. And  with her game company, Margaret Weis Productions, she brought some of our favorite TV shows to the roleplaying game medium like: Firefly, Leverage, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, and more.  And one person crucial to helping her in making the Firefly roleplaying game joins us, author and game designer Monica Valentinelli.

GenreTainment #65 – Featuring Creators of ‘Mutants & Masterminds’ and ‘DC Adventures’, plus ‘Haven’

We interview Steve Kenson & Jon Leitheusser, the gaming designing minds from Green Ronin, which are behind such hit roleplaying games as Mutants & Masterminds and DC Adventures. Plus, we have a bonus interview with Eric Balfour, who plays Duke in the SyFy Channel TV series Haven, which just premiered its 4th season.

GenreTainment #64 – Featuring the Stars of ‘Gamers Hands of Fate’ and SyFy’s ‘Haven’

For this episode we are chatting with Brian Lewis and Trin Miller, the stars of the new feature length film Gamers Hands of Fate, the third in the Gamers series of films. These Seattle actors have grown a rabid gamer fan-base from this movie and their other projects. They fill us in on Gamers Hands of Fate and their upcoming projects. Plus, we have a bonus interview with Lucas Bryant, one of the stars from Syfy Channel’s TV series Haven.

GenreTainment #63 – Featuring Director and Producer Blake Calhoun

We welcome back filmmaker & web series creator Blake Calhoun. He has created award winning web series like Pink,’s Exposed, and Continuum. He chats with us about those projects, plus tell us about his new vampire thriller feature length film Phobia and his upcoming web series Morganville.

GenreTainment #62 – Featuring Actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Falling Skies, Pan’s Labryinth)

We are chatting with actor Doug Jones. He is probably best known for his creature and alien roles such as Abe Sapien in Hellboy, Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four 2, Pan in Pan’s Labryrinth, the alien Cochise on the series Falling Skies or perhaps another one of our favorites… one of the Gentlemen from the classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Hush.

GenreTainment #61 – Gen Con Film Festival Special

We have a special episode of GenreTainment with audio recorded at Gen Con, the largest gaming convention in North America. Marx went to the Gen Con Film Festival and spoke to various filmmakers about their projects. He also spoke with the coordinator of the festival.

GenreTainment #60 – Featuring Web Series Creators Sarah Moore and Jeff Moore

For today’s show we go gamer, as we speak to writer/actress Sarah Moore  and director/editor Jeff Moore about their web series Gamer Chick.

GenreTainment #59 – Featuring the Writers and Producers of ‘Dark Age’

For this episode of GenreTainment we get dark and… funny with the post-apocalyptic series Dark Age.  We speak to the creators of the show: Justin Bondi and Andrew Ludington. After successfully selling scripts to Hollywood, these two scriptwriters decided to produce one of their scripts on their own. They fill us in on the behind-the-scenes creation of this darkly funny web series and also why they hate Seth Rogen…

GenreTainment #58 – Featuring Director / Producer Ben Dobyns (‘JourneyQuest’ and ‘Demon Hunters’)

This episode Marx & Julie chat with director & producer Ben Dobyns (JourneyQuest, The Gamers: Hands of Fate), the co-founder of the very popular Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (aka ZOE for short). The company has also formed a collective of similar minded productions, like Reality On Demand, Aidan 5, Standard Action, Transolar Galactica and more. But ZOE has taken a very bold new direction with their Phase II plans.

GenreTainment #57 – Featuring Writer & Editor Mike Davis (Lovecraft eZine)

GenreTainment gets a little creepy as we talk about the world of Lovecraftian horror with our guest, writer & editor Mike Davis. Lovecraftian horror are stories by and inspired by classic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Davis went from super fan to much more after starting the “Lovecraft eZine” a couple of years ago.

GenreTainment #56 – Star Trek New Voyages / Phase II Special

This week Marx and Julie chat with the cast and crew of the award winning (TV Guide winner, Hugo nominated) series Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II. They speak with Executive Producer and actor James Cawley (Kirk), John Kelley (Dr. McCoy), Charles Root (Scotty), director Mark Burchett, writer Rick Chambers and Wayne W. Johnson (Walking Bear).

GenreTainment #55 – ‘Warehouse 13’ & ‘Milgram And The Fastwalkers’

Welcome to the very first episode of GenreTainment to be hosted through our new home on Libsyn! GenreTainment chats with Richard Cutting, the creator of the UFO mystery series Milgram and The Fastwalkers. Plus, a bonus interview with the cast and guest stars of Warehouse 13.

GenreTainment #54 – The Cast & Crew of Chop Socky Boom

GenreTainment chats with the cast & crew of the comedy series Chop Socky Boom: co-creator/actress Darlene Sellers (The Gamers: Hands of Fate), co-creator/DP Heath Ward, actress Jen Page (JourneyQuest), actor Dan Humphrey (The Collectibles), actor S Joe Downing (The Collectibles), and actor/grumpy grip Chris Duffel. We learn how this Seattle comedy was created. Plus, we have fun talking about “Final Zodiac Warrior,” auditioning, kung fu, web series, zodiac signs, and… nude scenes… don’t worry, it’s work safe.

GenreTainment #53 – Writer & Filmmaker Robert Grant

Marx & Julie chat with London writer & filmmaker Robert Grant about his new book Writing the Science Fiction Film. He gives tips on how to write good science fiction and we explore what made classic sci-fi films so successful.

GenreTainment #52 – ‘Defiance’ and ‘Forge Apollo’

It’s another jam-packed episode, this time with a science fiction theme as we speak with web series creators Gabe Michael and Ryan Holloway about their new original sci-fi YouTube channel Forge Apollo. Plus, we have a bonus interview with the stars of the new SyFy series Defiance: Grant Bowler and Stephanie Leonidas.

GenreTainment #51 – Armed Response and Chilltown TV

It’s a jam-packed episode as we speak with with Leesa Dean, the creator of the hip-hop animated series Chilltown TV. But we don’t stop there, we follow that up with a chat with the producer and director of the new Point Of View action series Armed Response, written by 24 and Star Wars: Clone Wars writer, Matt Michnovetz, and created by SXM in collaboration with Break Media.

GenreTainment #50 – LA Webfest Special: Part 2

It’s part 2 of our special edition of GenreTainment as we visit LA Webfest and interview filmmakers about their web series up for awards at the oldest and largest film festival dedicated to web series.

GenreTainment #49 – LA Webfest Special: Part 1

It’s a special edition of GenreTainment as we visit LA Webfest and interview filmmakers about their web series up for awards at the oldest and largest film festival dedicated to web series. In this two part special, we speak to the creative teams behind award winning series: the Canadian crime/thriller Clutch; NY-based superhero comedy Super Knocked Up; British produced supernatural satire series The Bloody Mary Show; post-apocalyptic western Drifter: Broken Road; Ozarks produced horror/mystery Stage Fright; food-themed comedy series Pairings; and the always fun to talk to KATR Pictures (who talk about their new huge project The Ladies & The Gents); and more!

GenreTainment #48 – With Writer Christopher Vogler

GenreTainment speaks with writer Christopher Vogler who discussing his international best selling book The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure For Writers. Vogler is a veteran story consultant for major Hollywood film companies and a respected teacher of writers around the world. He tells us how the book explores the relationship between mythology and modern storytelling in a clear, concise style showing common structural elements found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and movies…. to help you become a better writer.

GenreTainment #47 – With Actor Jerry Kokich

GenreTainment speaks to actor Jerry Kokich, who stars as Superseven in the award winning action/comedy series Adventures of Super7even. Kokich tells us behind-the-scenes stories of this action/comedy web series about an international man of mystery and his lethal, beautiful and reluctant partner, Sandra West, as they battle villains, femme fatales, monsters, robots, invading aliens, henchmen, assassins and criminal masterminds bent on world domination. We learn how they made this award winning homage to those great masked hero and cheesy spy flicks of the 1960’s!

GenreTainment #46 – SciFiPulse Radio Special – Actor/Producer Robert Leeshock

A special GenreTainment / SFP-Now crossover episode. Marx and Ian speak with Robert Leeshock, who many of you may know as Liam Kincaid on Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict. He discusses his acting career both in sci-fi & soap opera and tells us about his movie in development, God Machine.

GenreTainment #45 – With Director and Writer Charles Wilkinson

GenreTainment speaks to director Charles Wilkinson (Highlander: The Series) about his film projects and his book The Working Director. Wilkinson tells us about his experiences working on Highlander & other projects, his book The Working Director: How to Arrive, Survive and Thrive in the Director’s Chair, the challenges facing the film industry currently in Vancouver, and he discusses his new award winning documentary Peace Out.

GenreTainment #44 – With Cast & Crew of Malice

GenreTainment speaks to the cast & crew of the supernatural thriller series Malice. Writer/Director Philip Cook joins us with cast members Mark Hyde (Nate Turner) and Rebekkah Johnson (Abbey Tuner) to talk about this action/thriller, which follows teens Alice and Abbey who must solve mysteries and survive dangers emanating from their late grandmother’s home. We learn how this series was created, some behind-the-scenes stories about filming, and much more.

GenreTainment #43 – With Writer Jennifer Dornbush

GenreTainment chats with writer & consultant Jennifer Dornbush about her new book Forensic Speak: How to Write Realistic Crime Dramas. She gives us the scoop on how real forensics works, how to apply this information to scriptwriting and how her unusual childhood led to her fascination with this field.

GenreTainment #42 – With Writer Dirk Manning

GenreTainment speaks to comic book writer and columnist Dirk Manning (Nightmare World, Tales of Mr. Rhee), who has recently released his new book Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics. Manning tells us about his new book, his experience in comic books and his recent work on the award winning web series Black Box TV.

GenreTainment #41 – Dan O’Bannon’s Guide To Screenplay Structure

GenreTainment speaks to the authors of Dan O’Bannon’s Guide To Screenplay Structure: Inside Tips from the Writer of Alien, Total Recall, and Return of the Living Dead… PLUS a bonus interview with the stars of Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome! Luke Pasqualino (William Adama) and Ben Cotton (Coker) tell us about their experience working on this new Battlestar story that became a huge hit web series and is now premiering on the SyFy Channel.

GenreTainment #40 (Extras) – Bloopers with Super Knocked Up

We’ve got a special treat for you, some bloopers! On the last episode we chatted with the cast & crew of the superhero comedy web series Super Knocked Up. We were joined by writer & director Jeff Burns, actress Jourdan Gibson (who plays Darkstar) and Mark Pezzula (who plays Captain Amazing). It was a fun episode, and I would suggest you check it out if you haven’t already. But we also had some fun behind-the-scenes bloopers.

Just to be clear, we aren’t picking on them, they actually asked us to do this. They are really talented and have a great sense of humor. So have fun listening to their bloopers and be sure to check out there web series Super Knocked Up when you get a chance.

GenreTainment #39 – With Cast And Crew of ‘Super Knocked Up’

GenreTainment speaks to the cast & crew of the superhero comedy series Super Knocked Up. Writer/Director Jeff Burns joins us with cast members Jourdan Gibson (Darkstar) and Mark Pezzula (Captain Amazing) to talk about this very funny series, which follows a super-villain who gets knocked up by a womanizing superhero. We get hints about what to expect from season two, how this series was created, laugh-out-loud behind-the-scenes stories about filming, and much more.

GenreTainment #38 – With Writer & Producer Michael Flores

GenreTainment speaks to producer Michael Flores, creator of the gritty supernatural western series Western X. Out of Arizona comes this award winning genre bending supernatural western web series packed with a gritty dark tone that promises to reveal secrets about its mysterious world. Flores tells us about the newest episodes of the series, takes us behind the scenes of its creation, and discusses new cast member Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior).

GenreTainment #37 – Cast & Crew of Standard Action

GenreTainment chats with the cast & crew of popular fantasy comedy series Standard Action: producer & actress Joanna Gaskell, actor Edwin Perez, actress Tara Pratt, and director Rob Hunt. PLUS, a bonus interview with Meaghan Rath (Sally), the lead actress of SyFy Channel’s Being Human.

GenreTainment #36 – With Cast & Crew of Neon Cornfield

GenreTainment chats with the cast & crew of the TV series Neon Cornfield: Writer & Director Steve Marra, actress Angela Plank, and actor Sam Fain. PLUS, a bonus interview with the stars of SyFy Channel’s Being Human: Sam Huntington (Josh) & Kristen Hager (Nora).

Neon Cornfield is a new 30 minute comedy series. The pilot is currently online for anyone to see! Synopsis: “Facing foreclosure on their corn farm, a Midwest family finds new found fortune by producing Internet adult films in their empty barn. Neon Cornfield is Boogie Nights meets Green Acres and maintains an outrageous comedic feel in the vein of Weeds, Californication, Hung, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

This funny interview exposes the behind-the-scenes making of this new comedy… and there are many hilarious stories to tell.

GenreTainment #35 – Writer & Producer Victor R. Solis

GenreTainment speaks to Victor R. Solis, the co-creator of the popular live action comic book web series Generic Girl. This Jack Kirby inspired series follows the adventures of closet comic geek Gillian Romero and her aspiring superhero roommate Pete Kirby (aka Captain Freelance) as they battle scheming villains, bureaucrats, and one mysterious machine.

Solis tells us how his IAWTV nominated series (Best Director, Comedy for co-creator Steven Wasserman) was created, provides behind-the-scenes stories, gives tips to web series creators, shares his views of the future of web series, and more.

GenreTainment #34 – With Actress Jen Page

GenreTainment chats with actress Jen Page (Gamers: Dorkness Rising, JourneyQuest, Chop Socky Boom, Geek Seekers). She’ll be talking about acting in these great films & web series from the Seattle area, plus telling us all about her newest film, Project London.

Project London is an independent, feature-length, live action movie with intense visual effects and animations created with the open source software Blender and 250 worldwide volunteers. Page tells us about the film, how fans can continue to support it, and much more about her other projects.

GenreTainment #33 – With The Filmmakers of Iron Sky

GenreTainment chats with director Timo Vuorensola and producer Tero Kaukomaa of the Finnish-Australian-German independently produced & fan backed film Iron Sky. It’s not everyday someone makes a scifi comedy about an invasion from Nazis on the moon. The Iron Sky filmmakers talk about the huge, global success the film has had and their unique collaborative filmmaking approach involving fans both creatively and financially. We learn where this crazy funny idea came from and how, throughout years of fundraising and pre-production, it became a successful multi-national production.

PLUS, we have on the show our featured guest music artist of the week: Kory from the Vancouver band Sorry Buttons.

GenreTainment #32 – With ‘Vampire Mob’ Writer Joe Wilson

GenreTainment speaks to writer/director Joe Wilson, the creator of the popular independent Television series Vampire Mob. He speaks to us LIVE on the show. This comedy about a hitman vampire has a stellar cast with actors from Twin Peaks, Boardwalk Empire, The Simpsons and Sopranos.

GenreTainment #31 – With Filmmaker Barry Dodd

GenreTainment speaks to Barry Dodd, the co-creator of the popular Maine-based web series Ragged Isle. We learn more about this award winning mystery-suspense web series and talk to Dodd about his views of the future of independent web series. Dodd tells us how his series, which won three Indie Soap Awards, was created. We also get hints about what to expect from future episodes from this series that was inspired from such cult classics as The X-Files, Twin Peaks, and the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows.

PLUS, bonus interview with Jessica Lange about FX’s American Horror Story.

GenreTainment #30 – Producers Stephanie Thorpe & Paula Rhodes

GenreTainment chats with producers and actors Stephanie Thorpe (After Judgment, Shelf Life) & Paula Rhodes (A Good Knight’s Quest). They recently acquired the rights to the 35-year old comic book series ElfQuest from Warner Brothers.

They grabbed a lot of attention on the web when they made their crowd-sourced and fan-funded Elfquest: A Fan Imagining and now even more buzz as they move forward to make official Elfquest stories. We’ll talk more about their plans for the franchise that has a global following in 12 countries and why they have loved Elfquest since their childhood. Plus, we talk to them about their extensive work in a wide range of award winning web series and films. Thorpe has spearheaded over 150 episodes of web TV, two features and a dozen shorts. Rhodes has a collective 104 million views in new media projects.

GenreTainment #29 – With Game Designer & Writer Monte Cook

GenreTainment chats with award winning roleplaying game designer and writer Monte Cook. As a professional writer for over 20 years, he is arguably one of the most famous game designers currently living. He has written hundreds of game books, including many in the Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder settings.

Cook tells us about how he started in the gaming industry and would eventually co-create D&D 3rd edition, the most famous rpg rule system ever created. He also speaks about his reasons for breaking away from Wizards of the Coast and creating his own gaming company, Malhavoc Press. Also, he talks about his fiction writing; his upcoming web series Geek Seekers, which investigates the paranormal; his upcoming game Numenera, which raised over half a million dollars in a Kickstarter campgaign; and so much more.

GenreTainment #28 – With Television Linguist David Peterson

GenreTainment chats with David Peterson, an expert in Conlang (Constructed Languages) who created the Dothraki language for HBO’s Game of Thrones and languages for alien races on SyFy’s channels high anticipated series Defiance. Peterson tells us how he became involved in creating languages (around a dozen at this point), how he started doing it professionally for television, introduces us to the world of Conlang (which is much bigger than we realize), the process he used to create the languages for Game of Thrones and Defiance, and so much more.

PLUS, interviews with the cast of Syfy Channel’s television series Haven.

GenreTainment #27 – Cast of Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II

GenreTainment chats with the cast and crew of the award winning (TV Guide winner, Hugo nominated) series Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II. They speak with Executive Producer and actor James Cawley (Kirk), John Kelley (Dr. McCoy), Charles Root (Scotty) and Wayne W. Johnson (Walking Bear). We learn the challenges of trying to continue and stay true to the original Star Trek series, new things to expect in upcoming episodes, and much, much more.

GenreTainment #26 – Featuring Actor & Writer Travis Richey

GenreTainment chats with actor, writer and producer Travis Richey. Fans of NBC’s Community will recognize him as Inspector Spacetime, a parody of Doctor Who that has taken a life of its own, becoming the web series Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. Richey tells us about how he landed the memorable role of Inspector Spactime on Community and how it turned into its own web series. He also talks about his own original projects, like his web series Robot, Ninja, & Gay Guy, and so much more.

PLUS, a bonus interview with Rick Chambers, one of the writers for the award winning (TV Guide winner, Hugo nominated) series Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II. He tells us how he became involved with Phase II and gives us hints about the upcoming episode Bread and Savagery. He also talks about his own web series Chronicles, and more.

GenreTainment #25 – With Writer / Actor John Cabrera

GenreTainment speaks with actor, writer and director John Cabrera, who co-created the hot new web series produced by Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns) called H+: The Digital Series.

Cabrera talks about expanding his career from acting to writing & directing, his years acting on Gilmore Girls, how he co-created the web series that glimpses into our possible transhuman future, and how he convinced Bryan Singer to produce H+. He also speaks about his previous web series, The Homes, along with so much more.

GenreTainment #24 – With Writer Mike Resnick

GenreTainment chats with award winning science fiction writer Mike Resnick. Resnick has won 5 Hugo Awards (35 nominations total) and is the all-time leading award winner, living or dead, for short fiction. Resnick tells us how he started in writing, gives tips to writers, tells us what upcoming projects he has, gives details about some of his most popular books (Kirinyaga, Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future, The Windowmaker, The Doctor and The Kid, etc) and so much more. Don’t miss out on this fun episode.

PLUS, we have interviews from the set of the award wining fan web series Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II!

GenreTainment #23 – The Cast Of Being Human and Defiance

It’s a special edition of GenreTainment as Marx travels to Toronto to visit the sets of the SyFy Channel. We have interviews with the cast of Being Human and the upcoming epic sci-fi series Defiance.

We have exclusive interviews with Being Human stars Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, and Meaghan Rath. But we don’t stop there! We also visit the sets of the upcoming SyFy show Defiance. We speak to the cast, plus have exclusive interviews with Julie Benz (Dexter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who stars as Mayor Amanda Rosewater and also James Dargie, the art director of the Defiance video game. The game is linked to the show and will premiere on the same date. So don’t miss this special episode of GenreTainment!

GenreTainment #22 – Victor Miller Writer of Friday the 13th

It’s a spooky GenreTainment as Marx and Julie chat with Victor Brooke Miller, the writer of the original Friday the 13th film. Just in case that wasn’t enough horror themed fun, they also discuss their picks for the top 10 horror movies of all time.

Miller tells us what inspired him to make the horror film that became a giant franchise, what he thinks of the re-make, and why he hates Cabin the Woods. (Nooooo!) But the real mystery is how this famous horror writer became an award winning soap opera writer. (Huh?) So join us for some spooky fun and learn the origins of one of the most famous horror film franchises of all times.

GenreTainment #21 – With Writer/Director of Blood and Bone China

GenreTainment speaks with British filmmaker Chris Stone, the writer & director of the Victorian vampire web series turned feature film called Blood and Bone China. As if that wasn’t enough, we also speak to our featured indie music artist of the week, the band Birthrite.

Stone tells us how the idea of the series came from historical reality, what changes were made to turn the series into a film, the work that went into making this period piece, how he managed to get a well known British actress Rachel Shenton (Hollyoaks) in the cast, what his views of the future of web television are, how they did a crossover with Aidan 5, and tips for other web series creators and indie filmmakers. It’s a jam packed episode, so please check it out.

GenreTainment #20 – With Kent Nichols, Co-Creator of Ask A Ninja

GenreTainments chats with Kent Nichols the co-creator of Ask A Ninja, one of the first big web series hits. He helped turn a simple idea of improv comedy with a guy dressed up as a ninja into a multi-million dollar success story. He is also the Content Partnership Manager for Blip, which is one of the most popular platforms for web series.

We learn the origins of Ask A Ninja, hear the behind-the-scenes stories of the series, learn how Blip can help web series creators, get suggestions on shows to check out on Blip, discover tips for web creators based on statistics from one of the leading web series platforms, and so much more. Not many in the industry have had the level of success that Ask A Ninja has reached or has this kind of inside information on web television.

GenreTainment #19 – With Cast & Crew of ‘Aidan 5’

GenreTainment chats with the cast & crew of the award winning sci-noir web series Aidan 5: actor Bryan Michael Block (James Aidan), actress Maya Sayre (Morgan Riley), excutive producer/co-writer Ben Bays, director/co-writer John Jackson, and co-writer Vidas Barzdukas.

We learn the behind-the-scenes of the making of season 1 of Aidan 5 and what to expect for season 2. They also give tips to web series creators on things to do and not to do when making a web series. Aidan 5 won Best Series at Gen Con and tied Felicia Day’s The Guild for the most International Academy of Web Television nominations last year, so they have great advice to give and interesting stories to tell.

BONUS: We also interview our featured indie music artist of the week, David Barajas.

GenreTainment #18 – With Cast & Crew of Transolar Galactica

After winning multiple awards (including at LA Webfest), the cast & crew of Transolar Galactica take some time to visit GenreTainment: Clancy Bundy (Reginald Murdock / co-writer), Adam Boyd (Petty Officer McCall / producer), Jade Warpenburg (Charles Yasaki / director of photography) and Adam Harum (Communications Officer and sometimes psychic Samson / director & co-writer). They talk about the making of season one and their kickstarter campaign for a much bigger season two, plus tell us their views on the future of web series, give tips for web series creators and much more.

BONUS: We play more music from our featured indie music artist of the week and have a short interview with our selection this week, the Nova Scotia band Short Notice.

GenreTainment #17 – With Writer Christy Marx

GenreTainment speaks with writer Christy Marx, who has written for many animation & TV classics (Jem, GI Joe, Captain Power, Babylon 5), comic books (Conan, Elfquest, Sisterhood of Steel), and video games. She talks about the differences in writing the various mediums and also discusses her new DC comic book Amethyst, which is part of the third wave of New 52 titles.

GenreTainment #16 – With Writer/Producer John Rogers

GenreTanment chats with writer/producer/director John Rogers, creator of TNT’s Leverage. He has also written for a wide range of films and TV shows: Transformers, Eureka, The Core, Jackie Chan Adventures, Cosby, and more.

GenreTainment #15 – Welcome Episode

SciFiPulse welcomes Marx and Julie’s radio show GenreTainment, which covers all aspects of genre television, movies, comics and has featured interviews.

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