GenreTainment #115 – Featuring Writer Michael La Ronn

Android X cover

It’s time for episode 115 and we are chatting with writer and YouTuber Michael La Ronn.

Michael La Ronn writes what he calls fearless science fiction & fantasy. His writing is filled with strange worlds and quirky humor featuring unusual, nontraditional heroes such as teddy bears, vegetables, and androids (but not all in the same book). Michael also writes nonfiction for authors who are stuck in the awkward phase between beginner and bestseller. He hosts the growing YouTube channel, Author Level Up, which publishes writing craft, business and marketing videos for authors every week.

Michael devoted himself to the writing life in 2012 after he was hospitalized with a dangerous sickness. We talk about that life changing moment and why he chose the indie author path. We learn all about his books (Android X, Eaten, etc), his YouTube channel, and he shares a number of excellent tips for any writer listening.

Author Level Up episodes mentioned: Ulysses, 4 Types of Confidence, and Dictation Series.

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