GenreTainment #105 – Featuring Writer and Filmmaker Christopher Kentworthy


For this 105th episode we are chatting with Christopher Kentworthy, the author of the bestselling Master Shots series of books. We’ll talk to him about writing and filmmaking, and learn more about his Master Shots books (Volume 1: 100 Advanced Camera Techniques, Volume 2: Shooting Great Dialogue Scenes, Volume 3: The Director’s Vision) and his newest book Shoot Like Tarantino.

We discuss how he first became involved in writing and filmmaking, talk about his fiction writing, discuss what TV shows & movies he thinks are doing their cinematography the best, and he shares tips for writers & directors.

GenreTainment is where we talk about what is happening in the world of film, TV and web series.  We give you interviews with writers, directors, producers and actors in both independent and not-so-independent creations.