The marX Files: Episode 0 “The Introduction”

“The average introduction to almost any book is somewhat of a bore” – Boris Karloff, And the Darkness Falls

Act I – What is this?

Welcome, World, to the first installment of The marX Files! As you might suspect, my name is Marx. Sorry if you’re looking for information on Karl Marx. If you are, check out the next link on your Google search for “Marx.” This column is about writing! If you want to write a story about Karl Marx… go for it, I guess this will help with that, too. But for everyone else out there, you’ll find tips and insight on writing for scripts, novels, and everything in-between.

Act II – Who is this guy?

Who am I? Good question. I’m Marx Pyle: scriptwriter, non-fiction author, indie filmmaker, podcaster, web series creator, college professor, martial art lover, and a guy who likes to capitalize words in awKward places, like marX Files and GenreTainment. What can I say, I just like to break the rules.

I’ve written off and on for a number of science fiction and fantasy websites since 2007, including SciFi Pulse. I’ve been a co-host of the podcast GenreTainment since 2012 and guest podcaster for a few years before that. I’m basically a professional geek/nerd for science fiction, fantasy and horror. I like to talk about those genres, watch/read those genres, and create in those genres. Basically, if you could marry a genre they would arrest me because that is, like, three wives and I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in most places.

Act III – What the future holds.

But enough about me. You want to know why you should bother reading this column.

Well, you may be interested in reading this column if you want to join me on my journey: The Quest to Write My First Fiction Novel! (*cue dramatic music*) If that isn’t sufficient, then maybe you’ll enjoy my sub-plot: The Quest to Get My MFA in Popular Fiction! (*cue slightly more dramatic music*)

Yup, despite having graduated from three colleges (with degrees in Film Production, Psychology, and Computer Science), I decided I missed the pleasure of drowning in student loan debt… I mean… I wanted to challenge myself to become a better writer and teacher. I was accepted this year in the Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill University.

In each installment of my column, I’ll share with you my challenges in the MFA program and my Thesis WIP (Work In Progress), an Urban Fantasy novel that is guaranteed to be #1 in at least one of the extremely niche Amazon categories (watch out “books about drunk leprechauns” category!).

My hope is that you’ll learn:

  • Tips & tricks helpful for your writing. And maybe the occasional tangent into directing, producing, etc.
  • Read reviews on books, TV shows, web series, etc. that not only point out things to emulate (or possibly avoid), but might give you something new to check out for fun.
  • Get a look behind the curtain of what an MFA is like.
  • Learn about my creative projects, so you can support them and help me not fall into the depressed and drunk writer cliché. I’ll keep you updated on my fiction novel and other projects, sharing with you lessons I learn in the process.

Fade To Black…

So, there you go. Episode 0 is in the history books. Why not Episode 1? Did I mention I like to break rules?

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure. Please, feel free to cheer me on when I’m struggling and laugh at me when I make obvious grammar errors in my column.

Is there something challenging you in your writing or filmmaking? Want me to cover it in a future installment? Just let me know.

Marx’s Work In Progress urban fantasy novel (that may or may not have drunk leprechauns): 14,507 words

Until next time… marX out

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This post was originally posted on SciFi Pulse. Check there for the most recent installments of this column.

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