SFP-Now TV Reviews: The Mandalorian, Picard, Wolf Pack, Gotham, and School Spirits

Every other week Ian and I review TV shows! More details on this episode below.

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In this episode, Ian & Marx give their initial thoughts on the new CW series Gotham, which is a show set in a universe where Batman has been killed. Our initial thoughts are that the show is kind of meh and has room for improvement. So tune in to hear exactly what we have to say.

Moving on. We also give our first thoughts on School Spirits and focus on the show’s pilot episode ‘My So-Called Death’, which introduces us to the tone and characters of the series. In this discussion, Marx compares this show to ‘Dead Like Me’ only with less sarcasm.

Staying on the theme of supernatural series. We also discuss Wolf Pack and zoom in on the penultimate episode titled ‘Lion’s Breath’ which has a few big plot reveals when it comes to Ramsay and her true nature. We also discuss how gorgeous the show’s cinematography is when it comes to one shot in particular.

Moving into the realm of science fiction and fantasy. We discuss the new season of The Mandalorian and recap events from ‘The Mines of Mandalore’ and ‘The Convert’. We also briefly discuss a few shows from Star Wars past as well as touch on the infamous Holiday Special via a discussion about a new documentary film about that. So set your lightsabers to maim as many Ewoks were sacrificed to make this episode.

We close out this month’s show with a recap of Star Trek: Picard’s fifth episode ‘Imposters’, which not only saw the return of Ro Laren from TNG. But also used her character as a means to link the A and B plots together as more is revealed about The Changeling Plot to undermine Starfleet and The Federation. We also speculate somewhat as to where this could go and discuss how Paramount Plus could use this season of Picard as a Springboard for other series that could reintroduce characters from TNG, DS9 & Voyager as well as continue the adventures of some of the new characters such as Captain Shaw and Ensign Sydney LaForge.

So please tune in for another packed reviews episode and feel free to comment about any of the shows we cover or even suggest shows and movies you’d like us to discuss.

SFP-Now TV Reviews: Wolfpack, Lockwood & Co., Last of Us

I’m co-hosting another podcast! Every other week Ian and I review TV shows. More details on this episode below.

Welcome to SFP-NOW and our new TV reviews show that we’ll be looking to roll out every two weeks. For this series, Ian Cullen is joined by Marx Pyle of GenreTainment to discuss episodes of various genre television shows. We hope to bring in a third host to occasionally try and spice things up. But for now it will just be myself and Marx.

This First episode takes a look at episode three of The Last Of Us, which seemed to stir up mixed reviews from fans of the game versus those fans that have just tuned in for the series. Get our views on the Bob and Frank storyline.

Also, we have a look at the new Netflix Series Lockwood & Co, which is somewhat of a surprise package with its story of an alternate future in which ghosts are a very common occurrence, but can only be hunted down by teenagers.

Staying on the theme of supernatural series we also take a look at the new Paramount Plus series Wolf Pack, which is somewhat of a comeback for Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Geller who interestingly doesn’t have a huge role in the show’s pilot episode. But we’re pretty sure that her role will expand as the story grows.

Moving on from horror. We jump to some time travel for some fast and dirty comments on the new Quantum Leap series and the episode titled Leap. Die. Repeat. which kind of played out a little like Groundhog Day.

And Finally, Marx talks about his recent experience of being a panelist on a massive Buffy The Vampire Slayer Rewatch and talks a little about what he considers to be the best episodes of the show’s fourth season.