SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: We Talk The Last of US, Star Trek: Picard, Quantum Leap & More


It’s time for another episode of SFP-Now TV Reviews. This time Ian and I are joined by special guest, Jeff Burns. We discuss the newest episodes of The Last of Us, Star Trek: Picard, Quantum Leap, and more!

SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Star Trek & Doctor Who Get Discussed & Ian Goes Ape SciFiPulse Radio

Welcome to another episode of the SFP-NOW and a change of Format as they guys look at putting out two shows every couple of weeks instead of one every month.  For this episode, Ian and Marx discuss Doctor Who and Star Trek: Discovery and we talk briefly about the renewal of a certain Netflix series.  We start with our thoughts about the opening two episodes of the newly rebooted Doctor Who. Marx and I agree that the silliness of ‘Space Babies’ was fun, but we felt that ‘The Devil's Chord’ was the strongest of the two episodes.  When it comes to Star Trek: Discovery we both agree that this series has probably been the strongest and it is in part thanks to the writers lending from a previous Star Trek story. However, we both still feel that the single story over one season model is perhaps not the right model for Star Trek.  Finally, Ian shares his thoughts and goes Ape about ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ and somehow manages to do so without giving out to many spoilers. 
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