Actual Play – Marvel Galaxies – Session One – The Coming of Galactus

Had a great time playing a very different character in the first session of Marvel Galaxies. If you like Marvel Superheroes and TTRPGs, then you should check this new series out. My character, Jace, has a great journey to look forward to. If you enjoy this show you’ll probably also like many of the other shows over on Dreamslayer Studio.

The family of The Blindfather live a solitary life on the planet of New Haven. It is the only world they have ever known. It’s been a relatively peaceful existence. Until now. Ghosts of a past they never knew existed descend upon their humble farm, and life as they know it is about to change. Will they survive their first encounter with these strangers from the stars, or will the secrets that have been kept from them for generations be their doom? Find out in the first thrilling adventure of Marvel Galaxies! Inspired by the old comic book tales of What If? and 2015’s Secret Wars saga, we embark on a journey with a tightly knit family unit thrust into a Galaxy far, far away as the secrets of the past they never knew begin to unravel. If you’re a fan of the Fantastic Four’s family dynamic, the lore of the X-Men or the adventures of The Guardians of the Galaxy, the Children of the Blindfather are sure to carve a special place in your heart as we explore Marvel Galaxies!