GenreTainment #124 – Film Producers Jeffrey Michael Bays and Jay Plyburn

This time our guests are Jeffrey Michael Bays and Jay Plyburn. They are here to tell us about their new film Not From Space, a sci-fi/comedy film about a dysfunctional cable news channel on the day aliens arrive in orbit.

Writer & producer Jeffrey Michael Bays, a.k.a. the Hitchcock Whisperer, is a filmmaker and film scholar with a Master of Arts in Cinema, author of Suspense With a Camera and Between the Scenes. And actor & producer Jay Plyburn is a Broadcast Journalism graduate of Marshall University, and was a Morning News Anchor. Now he is producing and developing a variety of TV and film projects.

Jeffrey and Jay tell us how this story originally told on the radio has made the transition to film and the fun crowdfunding campaign they currently have for it. We talk about the film, Hitchcock, the Indiegogo campaign, journalism, and more.

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