GenreTainment #109 – Writer Alan Baxter


It’s episode 109 and we are chatting with dark fantasy, horror and sci-fi writer Alan Baxter.

Baxter is an international master of kung fu who writes novels, novellas and short stories full of magic, monsters and yes, martial arts. Baxter tells us about his infamous first story he wrote when he was 7-years old, his non-fiction book Write The Fight Right, his Alex Caine martial arts/fantasy series, his fantasy novels, his many horror/fantasy/sci-fi short stories, and his martial arts background.

We also discuss his approach to writing, tips on writing fights, tips on writing in general… how Alan is Marx’s clone… and much more.

GenreTainment is where Marx & Julie talk about what is happening in the world of film, TV and web series.  We give you interviews with writers, directors, producers and actors in both independent and not-so-independent creations.