Guest On… Dragon Con Urban Fantasy Track Supernatural Rewind Season 12

Another fun time being a panelist for a new edition of the Dragon Con Urban Fantasy Track Supernatural Rewind. This time we discussed season 12! This season had two big storylines brought to us by a new showrunner. Some of loved parts of the season and disliked (some with a passion) other parts of the season: Mary is back (but not a great mom), Castiel is on a mission, Lucifer becomes a rocker (courtesy of Rick Springfield), Lucifer becomes the President of the United States, Lucifer becomes a father, everyone’s after Lucifer’s baby, the British Men of Letters shake things up in America, Mr. Ketch joins the show, Dean loses his memory, more Jody & Claire, more Crawley & Rowena, Apocalypse World Bobby, alpha vampire, and so much more.

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